CD: Clarke: Within…
Reviews: “Marvellous and dramatic flute recordings by increasingly recognised star performer Ian.  Brilliant, brave, moving.” – Musician; “This is an amazing recording.  Clarke’s playing is incredible in every way.”  – Flute Talk;   “This is an inspiring and refreshing collection of music for flute, performed brilliantly!” – Flute Focus. For reviews of Deep Blue see below.

CD: Clarke: Deep Blue   Entered UK Classical Artist Chart at no. 8

“After a very long gap since the release of his stunning and ground-breaking first CD, Within…, Ian Clarke finally gives the world Deep Blue.  What a revelation this is! ….. This disc is one of the most innovative released in recent years, and not just in a flute context.  It is an incredible journey, and takes the listener to distant realms, I highly recommend it for any collection.” – PAN, journal of the British Flute Society, Lisa Nelsen. (click here for full review)

“His second CD, Deep Blue, is another remarkable recording from a remarkable musician. Clarke would qualify as remarkable purely for his flute performance, possessing a huge sound and flawless execution that effortlessly incorporate extended techniques as needed. … perfectly matched to his material, which consists entirely of original compositions by Clarke himself—who is also a remarkable composer. Many of his pieces have entered the standard repertoire, aided by meticulously prepared sheet … Students in particular benefit from this, as Clarke is also a remarkable educator. Given the impeccable execution of this material by Clarke and pianist Tim Carey… the focus turns to the compositions themselves. What is remarkable about these is the genre: Clarke has created a sound world entirely his own …” – Flutist Quarterly, Peter Westbrook   (click here for full review)

“The flute playing on this CD is some of the best you will ever hear. … Tim Carey provides impeccable collaboration in these thought-provoking works.” – Flute Talk

“You create new fields of sound and music making on the flute, always expressive and virtuosic … that takes us beyond anything we’ve heard before.” – Emmanuel Pahud, principal flute of the Berliner Philharmoniker

“Ian Clarke’s new CD transcends the work of most other flautists from a Classical Music background. Constantly inventive and cutting edge in terms of rhythm, melody and “alternative” flute-playing techniques, he brings great traditional skills to bear too, with perfect intonation and technical bravado. An eclectic delight! Luckily for me, he doesn’t sing or play acoustic guitar as well….” – Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

“Brilliant performances; don’t miss this one.” – South Australian Flute News