A Winged Brocade

A Winged Brocade
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maya – 2 flutes & piano
A Winged Brocade – (2 flutes & piano) [intermediate/advanced – C ft closed-holes]

A Winged Brocade is a new lyrical piece for two flutes and piano playable on closed or open-hole flutes – suitable for C or B foot.  Intermediate/advanced.

The title gives a hint of the imaginative musical world of the piece.  A ‘brocade’ is a richly decorative woven fabric often with gold and silver threads, which the title combines with the image of being ‘on the wing’.   With interwoven parts and floating melodies, the piece gives an opportunity to explore gesture, texture, and nuance.  There are occasional simple harmonic substitutions  alternating with conventional fingerings. 

“I was lucky enough to premiere A Winged Brocade with the marvellous Paul Edmund-Davies and Scott Mitchel at the Scottish Flute Course back in 20?? and have gone on to perform it with some wonderful colleagues in Europe and the USA.  At last here it is in print.” – Ian Clarke Nov 2023.