Ian Clarke


B & C Foot Versions of ‘The Great Train Race’

(see also description of ‘The Great Train Race’

Why are there different versions?

The original composition was for B foot flute and this is the version that Ian usually performs.  In order to make the piece accessible to players of a C foot or B foot flute Ian made a C foot version; they are both successfully used by students and professionals.

What are the differences?

The C & B foot versions are actually very similar.  They differ in the first 2 pages up to the first multiphonics (bar/measure 1 to 31) and in bars/measures 102 & 103 on the last line just before the final multiphonic.

The B ft version is a minor third lower starting on low B with the C ft version starting on low D - from bar 31 they are identical except for the last page. The low breathy tongued bars/measures 102 & 103 being on a low B and low D respectively for the Bft and Cft versions.

If you have the C foot version and wish to play the B foot version (assuming you have a B foot) then it is straightforward to transpose these sections in order to play the B foot version which is the one recorded on the CD.  Successful performances have been made in both versions.  Download a different version of page 2 at the bottom of this page to aid conversion from one to the other.

Printing errors:

There is an error in some copies of ‘The Great Train Race’ on page 5.  The pattern should continue to alternate from C to D.

Some B foot copies printed around the early part of 2008 may had an error on page 2.  Please check your part which should start on a A at bar 17 and not a C.  If you have the misprinted version then please download the correct version of this page here.  If you have already performed it this way then do not worry it will still work; you have the C foot version of page 2.  Unfortunately one of the recent print runs of the B foot versions has the C foot page 2 and bars 102 & 103 are similarly printed as low D instead of low B.  We apologise for this error.  It is not the end of the world if is performed as you appear to have it although it is not ideal.  It is a fairly simple transposition job to fix (see above)- either to the C ft version (simply play D and its harmonics on page 1 instead of B) or the B foot version (download page 2 update and play B in bars/measures 102 & 103).  

Conversion Pages:  (see above differences to complete conversion)

Free B foot 2nd page update. This can be used to aid conversion of C foot to B foot or update some misprints.

Free C foot 2nd page update.  This can be used help convert a B foot copy to a C foot copy (see above).