Ian Clarke


In addition to the ‘publications overview’, here are some groupings that might help when choosing a Clarke publication.  Click for more detail.

The least difficult or multi-level pieces:

Midnight Creep, Walk Like This, Zig Zag Zoo

Pieces with no extended techniques:

‘Hypnosis’, ‘The Mad Hatter’, ‘Sunstreams’

Pieces with few or optional extended techniques:

‘Maya’, ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Midnight Creep’

Pieces of intermediate towards advanced standard:

‘Sunstreams’, ‘Spiral Lament’, ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Maya’, ‘Hypnosis’, ‘The Mad Hatter’, ‘The Great Train Race’, ‘Deep Blue’, ‘Beverley’, ‘Spells’ (intermediate versions)

(Spiral Lament is in some ways easier than Sunstreams once the fingerings are mastered.  Of course the extended language may make it feel more challenging … certainly at first.  However the fingers have to move faster in many passages in the other pieces in this list)

Advanced pieces (use of the extended flute)

‘Within ( 7 flutes)’, ‘Orange Dawn’, ‘Curves’, ‘Touching the Ether’ , ‘Within’ (solo flute version), ‘Zoom Tube’, ‘Hatching Aliens’,  ‘Spells’ (advanced original version)

Difficult to categorize because of their genre but fairly advanced:

‘T R K s’, ‘Tuberama’

Exam Board inclusion:

ABRSM Exam  pieces (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music grade 1-8 plus Diploma - UK and international examining system)

‘Sunstreams’  grade 8 up to 2013 (Hypnosis & The Mad Hatter scheduled for 2014-)

Trinity Guildhall UK based exam system (grade 1-8 plus Diploma)

‘Sunstreams’  ‘ Beverley’ grade 7   ‘Hypnosis’ grade 8 ‘The Great Train Race’ grade 8

Carnegie Hall/Royal Conservatory (Canadian/USA exam system grade 1- 10 plus ARCT)

‘Sunstreams’  grade 8,  ‘Hypnosis’ grade 9, ‘The Mad Hatter’  grade 10

‘The Great Train Race’  ARCT,  ‘Zoom Tube’  ARCT

AMED - Australian Music Examinations Board

‘The Great Train Race’, ‘Spiral Lament’, ‘Zoom Tube’, ‘Orange Dawn’, ‘Tuberama’

Competition pieces:

The vast majority of Clarke pieces have and are used regularly in competitions throughout the world. Here are a few examples:

BBC Young Musician Woodwind Final pieces: ‘Zoom Tube’, ‘Spiral Lament’

British Flute Society Young Artist winner 2012 won with own choice piece: ‘Touching the Ether’

NFA (USA) Young Artist set piece: ‘Zoom Tube

Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Woodwind prize: ‘Hatching Aliens’

Examples of inclusion in top Music College final recitals:

‘Orange Dawn’, ‘Zoom Tube’, ‘Hatching Aliens’, ‘The Great Train Race’, ‘Touching the Ether’, ‘Within’ (solo flute version)

Clearly opinions and perspectives will vary on these groupings and the majority of the pieces of were not written for their ‘standard’ but written as pieces of music that often explore the potential of the flute where necessary in service to a musical intent.

Academic inclusion:

Edexcel GCSE Anthology of Music (Edition Peters) - Zoom Tube features in the section ‘Changing Directions of Western Classical Music from 1900’

Various Masters and some DMA theses have referenced or made their focus around various Clarke works.